Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Transmissions From Glizterglanz: Süssherz Und Tiefenschärfe

Recently, I've been listening to the sounds of Michael Rother's early to mid 80s work. His final masterpieces before leaving for Glitzerglanz. There would be more Rother releases, but they would be pale copies of his former work, created by mindless androids he left behind to do his bidding.

His final masterwork was Süssherz Und Tiefenschärfe. The LP boasted one of the worst, yet most strangely compelling covers of the krautrock era. I found this photo of it on a shag carpet with my bröselmaschine. To get a better look you'll have to find your own copy, or come dwell with me in Blaues Licht.

On Süssherz, Rother created his own language with which to communicate with his minions. For example, he would play the song "Rapido" when he wanted his servants to hurry the frak up. You can hear it by clicking on the title of this post.

Why do I love this song so much? Maybe because it came out in the 80s, yet hearkened back to an earlier time, when Kraftwerk were still among us. It seems to be a loving farewell to all he had created. 

Despite its cover, this LP is super rad, and should not be neglected. It is one of the hidden masterpieces of the krautrock era. 

Rauf und runter!

Do Cylons Dream of Electric Sheep?

Today I'd like to send some love out to Battlestar Galactica (the new one). The greatest T.V. show to ever grace the airwaves. 

Other than Tron, nothing captures the glimmerlights better than the corridors of a Cylon Baseship.

Also, no show is more heavily indebted to the genius of PKD. I was watching the extras on the Razor movie where Galactica producer David Eick stated that a major motivation behind the show, its tone and emotional content, was Blade Runner. But, even more than that, no show better captures the Dickian conundrum that makes one ask: "What the frak is going on?"

I am super sad that this show is no longer around. So are my Synthesist brethren.

So say we all!