Monday, May 28, 2012

Six Degrees of Sauerkraut -- Part LIV: Claude Larson

Like any good synthesist from the Glimmerlight, Klaus Netzle had an alias.  Tired of his fellow androids making fun of his name, calling him all sorts of names related to chocolate bars, Klaus adopted the rather mundane moniker Claude Larson.

You see, Claude's subroutines had been programmed to make him a very sensitive Cylon - easily affected by things like verbal taunts and such.  He became something like the Glimmerlight's black sheep.  Where most of my brethren preferred to lounge around the pools in the light of the blue crystals by day, and danse in the discos by night, Claude preferred to go hiking in the mountains and the meadows above ground, amongst the humanoids - the Caucasoids and the Leprechauns who preferred an alpine trail to a synthesizer or a Light Cycle.

However, Claude, like all of my cybernetic brethren, always needed to recharge by the blue crystals.  When he returned to our synthetic paradise, he would create impressions of his travelings on his preferred synthesizer - the Farfisa Soundmaker.  In 1979, he returned and created his masterpiece long-player, Surroundings.  Click here to check out my favorite track on the LP, "Mountains & Meadows"- a soundtrack Claude composed to commemorate a hike he took one day in '79 with some Leprechauns in the Wetterstein range in Bavaria.

Immer wierder!