Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flow My Oliviero Berni

Howdy. Many of you are clamoring to know my favorite cover for Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said. So here you go. It's Oliviero Berni's 1981 Daw cover. Of all of them, U.S. or UK, this one best captures Jason Taverner's Alice in Wonderland type journey, and basic all around cool-ness. Also, it clues us in that the book is a total head-trip. 

Additionally, I just really dig the the depiction of Taverner's threads. This is probably because Berni is an old Italian hipster/artist with an impeccable taste for the finest duds out there. After a lifetime of creating some of the most fantastic cover art for the literati, I'm sure Berni had a special affinity for Taverner, and hence was able to create this, his masterpiece.

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