Monday, April 14, 2008

From Ghost Town

Hygge Alert!

So my vinyl copy of Robert Forster's new LP "The Evangelist" arrived today from Germany from the wonderfully rapid Tuition Records.

For the occasion I went out and purchased a 2005 Agostina Pieri Rosso Di Montalcino. Those wine lovers out there will know what I'm talking about. T'was a special occasion indeed. I lit up some votives, placed on my Koss head phones and listened as if at an altar.

For any naysayer out there, this album is a classic. Over at the Go-Betweens site I hear complaints about "Let Your Light in, Babe" 'cause it sounds too much like other Forster songs. Forget all you have heard! The song is brilliant, especially in the full bodied analog sound. Other analog highlights are "Did She Overtake You" and "It Ain't Easy." 

For all my loyal Boxers out there, please buy this album and support the most brilliant and humane artist among us today. And if you are a vinyl lover like me, you will not be disappointed by Tuition's product. It simply jumps off the needle into your heart.

One comment. Many have complained about the cover art. Again, they have probably imbibed to much JJ-180. It looks amazing. My only complaint would be that the lettering on the vinyl version displays some "pixilation." However, since I don't even really know how to spell that word, I don't think it really matters.


Apedog said...

15 Euros plus international shipping?
You clearly love the man.

Maury Souza said...


Astute observation. As an economist, maybe you can help me here. How much is 15 Euros worth in dollars today?

However, you should note that I love the man AND vinyl. Otherwise, I would have been satisfied with the autographed copy of the CD I received from Yep-Roc for being one off the first 150 purchasers of the U.S. CD.

Anonymous said...

I got the autographed copy but now, in October, I want the darn vinyl and can't find it! I drove up from Washington, D.C. to NYC and saw Robert at Joe's Pub and he invited us to a bar afterward and I indeed took him up on it and everyone hung out and had a nice time. I only had a brief chat with him but proximity brought warmth and you could feel the general goodheartedness in all. Peace and love, wherever you are! John in D.C.