Monday, April 19, 2010

The Adventures of Moebius -- Part III: Trading Places II

Long ago, I promised you I would complete this tale.

Let me refresh your memory - In 1983, Moebius and Roedelius, inspired by the American comedy Trading Places, exchanged subroutines, so they could make music like the other. Moebius took Roedelius' melodic subroutines and created his masterpiece Tonspuren. Roedelius, on the other hand, took Moebius' skronky subroutines and created his album of off-beat skronk - Offene Türen.

Finally, you can now experience Roedlius as Moebius by clicking on the title of this post. This is one of the highlights from Offene Türen - "Husche" - a true slice of skronk madness. Indeed, the skronk almost drove Roedelius insane - he longed for the sweet beat-less melodies of his youth on the blue crystal shores of Horst.

However, he left Offene Türen in homage to skronk - he left it for all androids of the future to ponder over, and enjoy.

Immer wieder!

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