Sunday, January 23, 2011

Six Degrees of Sauerkraut -- Part XXXVIII: Eno's Tears

It is said that when Brian Eno witnessed the fading of the Glimmerlight's blue crystals he wept so greatly it caused a minor flood that disrupted Düsseldorf's electrical grid, causing power outages in its red light district. Many houses of ill repute were forced to close their doors that evening. Because of this, some sailors in town on shore leave rioted, causing over 100 thousand deutsche marks in damage.

Meanwhile, deep below the streets of Düsseldorf, Eno joined Rother and Roedelius, departing for the offworld colony.

The denizens of the Glimmerlight had always loved Eno, despite the fact that he was completely human. They loved him for many reasons, but mainly because he had a big head that had processing capabilities that were equal to almost 46.53 % of those of the cybernetic synthesists that were manufactured in the Glimmerlight. Basically, he was our brother from another mother, and he always tried so hard to be one of us.

Before he walked away from the fading Glimmerlight that evening, Eno composed "Ending (Ascent)" as a tribute to the fading blue crystals - you humans can hear it by clicking on the title of this post. But please remember, this has all happened before, will it happen again?

Rauf und Runter!

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Byron said...

I have a new glimmerlicht track to play you, needs some vocal stylings...