Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Six Degrees of Sauerkraut--Part XXXXIII: Humanoids v. Ansectoids

At the onset of the humanoid invasion that led to the fall of the Glimmerlight, my brethren created the Mistral - half-android/half-insectoid - otherwise known as Ansectoid. We sent the Mistral forth to combat the humanoids constructing their underground metro that was ever encroaching on our blue crystal realm.

Like the spawn of any synthesist, the Mistral created a ghostly maschine musik all their own. Click on the the title of this post for a prime example: Jamie.

Jamie was an ode to the leader of the Mistral - who, like any good denizen of the Glimmerlight - had many a pseudonym: Jamie aka .knowdice aka Ansectoid # 1. Jamie led the Mistral in their battle against the humanoid invasion - which was defacing our crystals as if they were New York City Subway Ads.

Immer wieder!

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