Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six Degrees of Sauerkraut--Part LII: Highways of the Glimmerlight

No one celebrated the Glimmerlight's road culture and the Light Cycle like the group of synthesists that styled themselves Space Art. The Glimmerlight's subterranean autobahn was called Schnellstra├če (or the "Speedway" in English). and the synthetic synthesists would cruise over its grid with reckless abandon.

Space Art penned the greatest ode to the Glimmerlight's greatest road on their 1978 LP Trip in the Center Head - aptly titled "Speedway" - click on the title of this post to hear it.

Immer wieder.


Maestro said...

Dear glimmerlight,

Here I'm making a request for two albums which seem to be obscure.

I have already made this request in other blogs and the bloggers who didn't appreciate the value and music of these albums just teased my request.

Time is precious to me so that I want to listen to something worthwhile and special.

I see you are professional in choosing the tracks shared online.

Now that I have a chance to encounter someone like you I would ask for the albums below released on cassettes.

I'm even ready to buy the cassettes if you know someone who sells them.


Lapre – Tedan
Label:Lapre-Produktion – 01
Lapre – Flokati
Label:Lapre-Produktion – 02


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