Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Degrees of Sauerkraut -- Part LV: The Glimmerlight's Fletch

Michael Bundt was another of my Glimmerlicht brethren who liked to roam the streets of Düsseldorf by night, undercover.  Bundt was one of the Glimerlight's greatest investigative reporters and he was assigned to report on the humanoids who lived above our glittering crystal paradise.  He modeled his career on the famous humanoid reporter, Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher and one would often not even recognize him if one happened upon him on some rainy Düsseldorf night.

When the blue crystals began to fade, Rother and Dinger called Bundt home to the Glimmerlight and asked to take up the fight to save our electronic home.  He took on the moniker "Cosmic Kid" and created the Galaxy Maschine - the Glimmerlight's last defense - a giant escape pod to take us to the Offworld Colony when the last blue crystal faded into the night.  He documented these dramatic times on his classic 1977 album Just Landed Cosmic Kid.  Check out his ode to the Galaxy Maschine ("Galaxy Machine") here.

Rauf und runter!