Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Six Degrees of Sauerkraut -- Part IX: The Cross-Dressing Android

Thomas Dinger is one of the more unheralded cogs in the Krautrock bröselmaschine. He rocked the drums on Neu! 75 and continued on the trommel duties for La Düsseldorf, the band he formed from the ashes of Neu! with his brother Klaus.
Thomas was the rare Krautrocker who went through two transformations. His transition to android was more permanent. But when he ventured into the glimmerlights, Thomas liked to dress as a woman. Hence, he became the first recorded cross-dressing android.
After La Düsseldorf's demise, Thomas went on to create a Krautrock masterpiece in Für Mich. One of its best tracks is available by clicking on the title of this post.
So plug yourself in, put on some lipstick and enjoy!


Mark said...

This is great... how's the rest of the album? Any chance of it being uploaded?

Maury Souza said...


The full album can be downloaded at eggcityradio, may favorite music blog!

follow this link...

Tell 'em Maury sent you.

Mark said...

Many grateful thanks, Maury... you're a legend! I'm downloading it now... and looking forward to having a good look round Egg City Radio. Thanks again! --Mark