Friday, January 29, 2010

Intence - Triade - Part V: Unprotected Sax!

For real though, this track is the reason I usually don't post full LPs. Intence was a really intense crew of cybernetic synthesists, but, as was the case with many of my early-80s colleagues, they had the penchant for engaging in unprotected sax - check out what I mean on "Spectrum" by clicking on the title of this post.

My loyal readers will know that I'm working my way through the classic album Triade by Intence, on Germany's Sky Records. Between "Quiver", which was my last post, and this post, "Spectrum," is the track "Yellow Below" which I posted some months ago. In the end, you'll have to put it all together. But I've posted the correct track listing somewhere in this gripping mini-series on the late-glimmerlight.

Keep in mind the words of Bob Barker, and have your android spayed or neutered.

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