Friday, January 29, 2010

Intence - Triade - Part VII: The Glimmerlight

As the droids sang our weary farewell...

"Do you remember me long ago
Used to wear my heart on my sleeve
I guess it still shows

We watched the sun fall down and
I hop on my bike; still that night

You're my first glimmer of light
You were my, you was my first
Glimmer of light!"

The last track of Intence's LP is called "Train." You know the drill.

Rauf und runter!


Maestro said...

Dear Friend,

I just saw your posts and really enjoyed.
I'll download them very soon.

Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing this great album.

Kind Regards.

ApeDog said...

Whoah , First Glimmer of Light!! It comes full circle. Amazing.

You wore my sweater , we made a wish that thing might have been better. ?

Maestro said...

Dear Friend,

I need some information about other albums by Intence.

I found two new albums by them on CD.

1-Visions And Stories (1994)
2-In the Deep (??)

Also they have two more albums on LP.

They are as follows:

A Fond Perdu (1981)
Out of Blue Fashion (1983)

Can you explain about their style and if they are like what you shared?

I want to buy them but I'm afraid if these albums are experimental and have non-music style.

Which of those albums are worth buying in your opinion?

Kind regards,

Maury Souza said...


I will commune with my brethren on the off-world colonies to see what they have encoded and revert. Please stay tuned.