Friday, March 21, 2008

Anthropology 101: American Idol vs. Dolly Parton

From an anthropological perspective, American Idol is my favorite show. While the singers display little to no creativity, and the judges usually don't communicate that much, it is truly riveting. To see these mundane personalities put in front of 30 million viewers every week is a dose of existentialism on the boob tube.

Hence, I was truly please when I learned last week that one of my favorite artists, Dolly Parton, will be one of the guest mentors on an upcoming show. All the contestants will have to perform one of her songs. While I dread some of their renditions, the show will display her truly outstanding and genuine song-writing talent to many who have yet to be blessed.

Here's a list of the ten remaining contestants, and the Dolly songs I would choose for each one. 

Brooke White --"Dumb Blonde"
Carly Smithson--"Everything is Beautiful (In Its Own Way)"
Chikezie--"My Blue Tears"
David Archuleta--"Islands in the Stream"
David Cook--"I Wasted My Tears"
Jason Castro--"The Seeker"
Kristy Lee Cook--"Jolene"
Michael Johns--"Here I Am"
Ramiele Malubay--"Bargain Store"
Syesha Mercado--"Just Because I'm a Woman"

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