Saturday, March 29, 2008

Radio Free Europe: Chromatics are Coming!

This one goes out to all of my European Boxers. America's greatest band is heading to your continent; and you shouldn't miss the occasion. No band is currently making music as infused with the warm sounds of sleek machines as this one. 

Here's their itinerary, be there...

April 17th -- Berlin, DE
April 18th -- Electronic Music Festival, Poznan Poland
April 19th -- Warm/Lasermagnetic Cafe, London
April 23rd -- Barfly, Brighton
April 25th -- Brussels
June 6th -- Aix En Provence
June 7th -- Paris

PKD is looking down from Albemuth and smiling when he hears these tunes. So will you. Want some Radio Free Chromatics?! Click on the title of this post.

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