Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vast Active Living Cosmic American Music

I figured I better start getting some non-PKD related material in here soon. I was finally moved by the angelic voice of Dolly Parton. You won't find a better Dolly LP than Coat of Many Colors (although I do love Jolene). Nor is there a finer example of what Gram Parsons described as "Cosmic American Music." Indeed, the purest strain of Cosmic American Music you'll find this side of The Flying Burrito Brothers is Dolly's "Here I Am" on side two of the LP. This is Aretha, Dusty, and Loretta all rolled up in a blast of pure Country Soul. 
You'll often find me singing "Here I Am" in the shower at the top of my lungs.

Like PKD's Valis (of recent Lost fame), but for the music world. An amalgamation of Country, Southern Soul and Rock and Roll. This LP makes me want to praise the Vast Active Living Intelligence System up above!

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Leyna said...

thank god you have seen the light. how about "everything is beautiful in its own way." check it out, willie and dolly team up for spiritual revival that makes me a believer. it saved me when i faced death as my grandpa was dieing, and i'll love dolly forever for it.

one more, which i'm sure you know about, but which has to be mentioned a reason in itself that dolly is a genius: me and little andy. you cannot deny it! don't you have some gingerbread, don't you have some candy for me and little andy? daddy came home drunk tonight, my mother ran away...amazing!