Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weird Science

PKD was writing about Uplift when David Brin was still in diapers.

However, while Brin was writing about universe where humans purposefully "uplifted" animals like Dolphins and Chimpanzees, PKD's animals were "uplifted" through humankind's follys. And the animals were not quite as glamorous.  Dr. Bloodmoney depicts dogs that can talk because of genetic mutations brought about by radiation from nuclear fall-out. Clans of the Alphane Moon also contains intelligent rats, made that way by a polluted world. 

While I love Brin's work, I think PKD's pessimistic vision of our (mis)use of science is the more accurate. Any intelligent animals this world is going to "uplift" will prolly be the result of our mistakes, rather than by plan. 

And once again, PKD gives rise to another 80's cartoon.

Weird science, PKD warns us beware! This is the real genius at work.

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